Access the unseen levels of creation to create the life you desire.  

Connect to the power of the Gods and walk the path of the ancient adepts.

Discover your spiritual blocks and come to “know yourself”


Create The Life You Desire

  • Inspired?

    Have you been inspired by the magic of “Harry Potter” and wondered if there is any real truth to the stories of magic and mystery?

  • Something More?

    Do you think there is more to life than working to pay the bills and keep your family safe?

  • Something Missing?

    Do you have a sense of something missing from what we are taught about who we are and what life is all about?

  • Inner Peace?

    Have you tried conventional spiritual paths but not found “inner peace” and fulfilment?

If any of these questions strike a chord with you, then read on and you may find yourself treading a very ancient and sacred path through the passages of time and between the worlds you know, and the worlds you have yet to discover….


Helios is one of many Mystery Schools. What makes us different?

Other mystery schools teach The Mysteries…

We teach you how to use The Mysteries to create a purposeful, balanced, rich and joyful life.
We teach you how to connect to your Higher Self and to whichever expression of the Divine resonates with you.
We teach you how to build a spiritual foundation upon which you can create the life you desire.


Training Content And Approach


We teach powerful timeless tools and skills to equip you for the harsh stresses of the modern world. The techniques of NLP will provide you with self-confidence and the ability to build effective and fulfilling relationships. Your connection to the unseen levels of creation will provide you with a spiritual foundation and the inner guidance to know how to make decisions that support you and carry you further along your spiritual path. Your training in ritual magic will provide you with the magical tools to empower your goals and outcomes that are aligned to your life’s purpose.


Our training in Qabalah and Tarot will assist you to expand your psychic abilities, your creativity, and your intuitive and active imagination. You will learn to connect to higher powers, shift your energy, raise your own level of vibration and connect to your life’s purpose. Practical ritual magic will help you to deepen your meditation, shift your mental and emotional state, develop a sense of the sacred and build closer communication with the spiritual realms. You will walk the path of the ancient adepts and access the power of the Gods.


You will develop a deeper understanding of your own strengths and challenges. Working with the Qabalah will energetically raise your vibration, and “shake out” all your thoughts, beliefs and stored unsupportive emotions that  block your progress, both in the physical world and in the inner worlds. You will learn powerful NLP tools to shift unsupportive thought patterns, beliefs that limit you and negative emotions from the past that hold you back. You will gain clarity on who you really are, what you are here to do, and what goals and outcomes you wish to set for yourself that align to your purpose.


You will walk the Path of the Adept from Neophyte to an accomplished ritual magician. This path teaches self-knowledge and, with dedication and commitment, you will attain great power. With power comes responsibility and for an Adept of the Mysteries, the wisdom to know when to use that power, and when not to use it. You will learn that very often soft power is more effective than brute force.

Comprehensive, High Quality Training Materials

Written and designed by Learning Professionals and Third Degree Initiates Andy Cooper & Lynn Robinson. Professionally formatted and produced to look great and enhance the learning experience.

Training materials include online viewable lessons supported by downloadable pdf's of the lesson materials and exercises, complementary videos and a Member Resources Archive. The lessons are supported by regular live video webinars/Q&A sessions for all students.


An Incredible Journey

S.W. Spain

“So far this has been an incredible journey, I honour myself for walking it and honour you Andy for being part of making it possible. Thank you.”

Connected to a Higher Source

T.J. Germany

"I noticed, especially when I am less preoccupied and have time to follow trains of thoughts entering my mind that I feel connected to a higher source and that information is coming to me as if I were “downloading” information or perhaps remembering information about the nature of the cosmos that I forgot."

Increased Energy Levels

J.F. United States

"As my ability to focus my mind & relax during my meditations grows so has my energy levels throughout the day while I work."

Infinite Possibilities

M.D.H. The Netherlands

"It’s difficult to put into words and might seem merely mental but I felt a strange opening of ‘infinite possibilities’ it felt like almost anything would be possible…."

An Indefinable Quality

S.V. United Kingdom

"First, may I congratulate you, Andy, on the presentation and ‘feel’ of the material! Modern, efficient and yet there is that indefinable quality that links it to its far beginnings."