"Studying the ancient mysteries as a path to spiritual development isn’t for everyone. It requires commitment and dedication and the results can be astounding. You will begin to experience a depth to life that wasn’t there before. You will see connections and synchronicities around you that will demonstrate when you are on “the right path.” You will learn to develop relationships to a deeper level than before, and start to manifest in your own life those things that you really desire. You will develop a sense of “connectedness” to the world around you and to the whole of creation, whether physical or unmanifest. You will meet like-minded people who share an abiding passion in understanding and mastering the hidden mysteries of life and of the universe.

We invite you to join us on that quest and, in so doing, join a long line of initiates from before recorded history to the present day who have understood and experienced what Dion Fortune called becoming more than human."

Dr. Andy Cooper 

Founder & Director of Studies


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Fulfilling Relationships

Through increased self-knowledge you will change your relationship with yourself and with others to be more empowering and fulfilling.

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Strong emphasis on personal development and APPLYING what you learn to enable you to change your life and create the outcomes you truly desire.

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Mental and Emotional Maturity

Fully integrated and internationally recognized NLP Training develops mental & emotional skills, develops powerful self-leadership and helps build fulfilling relationships.

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Spiritually Connected

Building a spiritual foundation which will support you in the challenges, stresses and strains of modern life, and allow you to evaluate your choices against what is really important to you.

Fulfil your potential

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Building a spiritual foundation which will support you in the challenges, stresses and strains of modern life, and allow you to evaluate your choices against what is really important to you.

Gaining clarity of vision and purpose, knowing what is important to you, and focusing with laser-like thought and intention is the key to creating your own universe.

Most times it is our negative emotions – hopes, fears and anger that pushes us to focus on what we do not want and blocks our creativity, our resourcefulness and our positive energy. And our unsupportive, limiting beliefs that are nearly always unconscious don’t help either! So, clearing these limiting beliefs and negative emotions such as anger, fear and guilt is the first step to:

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  • Unleashing our innate power to create our world, as we want it to be.
  • Really focus on what we do want, and how we want our lives to be
  • Realising our life purpose and living that purpose


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You need to learn to connect with yourself at your deepest levels. You will connect with your own higher self (or higher conscious mind) and understand your deepest motivations and values, and what motivates you to lead the life you were born to lead. When you follow your own life’s purpose you will feel fulfilled, “on track” and be able to make decisions based on your own life’s purpose and values, giving your crystal clear clarity about how to decide whether something is appropriate for you or not. You will naturally align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves to create a powerful force to manifest your life’s purpose and desires.


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You will develop a different worldview to most people, seeing the “bigger picture” of your life and stepping out of the “tick tock” of everyday life to gain a different perspective. You will learn how to make decisions from this greater perspective on your own life, and gain control over the things that knock you off track, and embrace those that enable you to stay on track.

If making excuses and blaming others for where you are is how you choose to live your life then what Helios offers is definitely not for you!


The real challenge here is that most of us don’t know what we really want! Most often we know what we don’t want! And guess what? We actually get what we focus on. If money were no object, what would you want to create for yourself and those close to you? If the world truly were your oyster (which it is), what would you do?

There are infinite possibilities for each and every one of us,
if only we could get ourselves to the place where we can turn those infinite possibilities into the reality that we choose!

This is the promise of the ancient wisdom, if followed properly and applied correctly. It is about turning lead into gold, the alchemy of the ancients. But what is most often misunderstood is that the “lead” is not base metal but the person – it is a process of personal transformation that enables us to be the creators of our own universe. So if you were to operate at your full potential what would that be like for you?

How would your life be different from what it is now – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? 

You can learn how the ancients did this.

You can follow an alchemical process of personal transformation yourself.

 You can get clear on what you want. 

You can develop emotionally, mentally and spiritually and create your life the way you want it to be.