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    1. How to access your resources

    1. 14-Mar-2020: The Western Mystery Tradition

    2. 28-Mar-2020: Introduction to the Qabalah

    3. 4-Apr-2020: The Tarot As A Tool For Spiritual Development

    4. 11-Apr-2020: Introduction to Egyptian Magic

    5. 18-Apr-2020: The Presuppositions of Magic

    6. 25-Apr-2020: Introduction to Ritual Magic

    7. 2-May-2020: Magical Initiation

    8. 9-May-2020: Group Minds & Egregores

    9. 16-May-2020: Magic & Quantum Physics

    10. 23-May-2020: The Emerald Tablets

    11. 13-June-2020: Elemental Magic

    12. 22-June 20230: Introduction to Huna

    13. 4th July 2020: Atlantis

    14. 18-July-2020: The Heliopolitan Ennead

    15. 1st August 2020: The NLP Communication Model

    16. 15-August-2020: The Memphite Triad

    17. 29th-August-2020: The Tarot Court Cards

    18. 12-Sept-2020: The Theban Triad

    19. 10-Oct-2020: The Hermopolian Ogdoad

    1. Why Study Magic?

    2. Interview with Andy Cooper

    3. The Fake Choice Between God or Non-Existence

    1. What Stops You? Guided Meditation

    2. Magical Initiations

    3. Pathworking: The Hall of Mirrors in Atlantis

    4. Pathworking: The Halls of Osiris

    1. KP001 Huna in Business

    2. KP002 How to make a Ritual Robe

    3. KP003 Magic & Personal Development

    4. KP004 Psychic Self Defence

    5. KP005 Hidden Wisdom

    6. KP006 The Training & Work of the Initiate

    7. KP007 The History of Magic

    8. KP008 Introduction to Astrology

    9. KP009 Introduction to Tarot

    10. KP010 General Survey of Tarot

    11. KP011 My Thoughts on the Tarot

    12. KP012 Introduction to the Qabalah

    13. KP013 Confluence of the Three Great Systems (Tarot)

    14. KP014 The Continental Tarots

    15. KP015 Criteria for Esoteric Tarot

    16. KP016 The "English School" & The Tarot

    17. KP017 The Esoteric Origins of the Tarot

    18. KP018 The Gnostic Tarot

    19. KP019 Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki Interview in "Gnosis" 1995

    20. KP020 The Origins of the Qabalah

    21. KP021 An Approach to Tarot History

    22. KP022 The Hidden Physiology

    23. KP023 The Body of Bliss

    24. KP024 The Holographic Nature of the Universe

    1. Presentation to the Servants of the Light Conference, 2011

    2. Group Mind Presentation to the Servants of the Light Conference 2012

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