Learn Tarot Magic & Develop Your Divination

Work with the Tarot Court Cards & Minor Arcana

  • Meet the Tarot Court!

    By now you have strong meditative focus and a deep inner plane connection. In this level you will meet and get to know the individual characters of each of the four Courts of the Tarot

  • Utilise the "Pip" Cards

    Understand and work with the Minor Arcana Cards to further develop your Divination Skills and use the Tarot for daily insight into your challenges and gifts.

  • Strengthen your Pathway to the Inner Realms

    Use the "Gate Cards"of the Tarot to further develop and enhance your connection to the Inner Realms and the Archetypes who reside there.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Level 8

    1. Lesson 1 Introduction

    2. Lesson 1 Material - FlipBook

    3. Topic 1: The "Pip" Cards

    4. Topic 2: The Elemental and Astrological Correspondences of the suits of the Minor Arcana

    5. Topic 3: The Qabalistic Correspondences of the Minor Arcana

    6. Topic 4: The Sephiroth of the Tree of Life and the Minor Arcana

    7. Topic 5: The Traditional Meanings of the Numbered Cards

    8. Topic 6: The Gate Cards

    9. Level 8 Lesson 1 Exercises

    10. Upload Lesson 1 Meditation Diary

    1. Introduction

    2. Lesson 2 Material - FlipBook

    3. Topic 1: The Court Cards

    4. Topic 2: The Qabalistic Correspondences of the Court Cards

    5. Topic 3: Traditional Divinatory Meanings of the Court Cards

    6. Lesson 2 Exercises

    7. Upload Lesson 2 Diary

    1. Introduction

    2. Lesson 3 Material - FlipBook

    3. Topic 1: Tarot Spreads

    4. Topic 2: Preparing for a Tarot Reading

    5. Topic 3: Putting Questions to the Tarot Cards: The Purpose of the Reading

    6. Topic 4: The Three-Card Spread

    7. Topic 5: The Six-Card Spread

    8. Lesson 3 Exercises

    9. Upload Lesson 3 Meditation Diary

    1. Level 8 Review

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