Walk the Paths of the Tree of Life

And begin your Initiatory Journey into the Depths of Qabalistic Magic

  • Journey to the Inner Plane Temples

    Each of the "spheres" on the Qabalistic Tree of Life is contains Temples and beings who reside there. Learn how to enter these Temples and communicate with their custodians. Gain insights and develop further your connections to the Inner Realms.

  • Pathworking as an Initiatory Journey

    Walk the Paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life and "touch" the energies there. Have these subtle energies affect you at the level of your DNA. This is truly an initiatory journey that will change you at a very deep level and prepare you for the Path towards Initiation.

  • What does it take to become a Priest or Priestess?

    Learn what is required of you to follow the Path towards Initiation. Decide whether this is the Path for you. Understand how this is a Path of self-discovery, self-responsibility and constant growth. Know what is expected of you, and what the rewards are in return.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Level 7

    1. Lesson 1 Introduction

    2. Lesson 1 Material - FlipBook

    3. Topic 1: The Temples of the Sephiroth

    4. Topic 2: The Earth Temple of Malkuth

    5. Topic 3: The Water Temple of Yesod

    6. Topic 4: The Air Temple of Hod

    7. Topic 5: The Fire Temple of Netzach

    8. Topic 6: The Temple of Tiphareth

    9. Topic 7: The Temple of Geburah

    10. Topic 8: The Temple of Chesed

    11. Topic 9: Da’ath

    12. Topic 10: The Temple of Binah

    13. Topic 11: The Temple of Chokmah

    14. Topic 12: The Temple of Kether

    15. Level 7 Lesson 1 Exercises

    16. Upload Meditation Diary

    1. Lesson 2 Introduction

    2. Lesson 2 Material - FlipBook

    3. Topic 1: Preparation For Walking The Paths

    4. Topic 2: Correspondences of the Paths of the Tree of Life

    5. Tree of Life Correspondences Table

    6. Helios Tarot Major Arcana Reference

    7. Lesson 2 Exercises

    8. Lesson 2 Meditation Diary Upload

    1. Lesson 3 Introduction

    2. Lesson 3 Material - FlipBook

    3. Topic 1: Your Work So Far…

    4. Topic 2: What is Initiation?

    5. Topic 3: The Degrees of Initiation

    6. Topic 4: The First-Degree Initiation

    7. Topic 5: Preparation for Initiation into the First Degree

    8. Topic 6: The Second-Degree Training and Initiation

    9. Topic 7: The Third Degree Training and Initiation

    10. Topic 8: The Insignia of Initiation

    11. Bonus Lecture - Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki on Initiation

    12. Lesson 3 Exercises

    13. Lesson 3 Meditation Diary Upload

    1. Level Seven Review

    2. Level 7 Quiz

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