"I desire to know, in order to serve..."

By invitation only... an outward sign of an inner grace bestowed

  • The culmination and recognition of 3-years of hard work

    The First Degree Initiation is not offered lightly. It is a recognition by both the School and the Inner Plane Masters who sit behind the school that the candidate has met the requirements for admission to an order of Initiates committed to service of their fellow man.

  • A Commitment from Lifetime to Lifetime

    The First Degree is not to be taken lightly - it is not a badge of honour to be collected like badges on a Scout Uniform! You are dedicating your life and your work to the Lords of Light and to the service of you fellow man. Think carefully before you accept such a commission!

  • The Entry to the Second Degree

    Whilst there is no automatic right to continue on to the Second Degree, it is likely that First Degree Initiates will be invited to step onto the Journey of ra, the Second Degree Training from Helios, and to take their studies to an even deeper level. These teachings, based on the hidden mysteries of Egypt, represent the "Greater Mysteries" and a journey even deeper into the depths of your own soul.

Course curriculum

By Invitation from the Director of Studies

The First Degree Initiation is not guaranteed, however we expect that most students completing the First Degree will be invited to take Initiation should they wish to do so.

Step onto the Path of the Adept

Begin your training as a Priest or Priestess of the Ancient Mysteries