Walk with the Gods in this 8-Week Online Intensive Training in the Egyptian Mysteries

Presented by
Dr. Andy Cooper

Third-Degree Initiate of the Western Mystery Tradition

$111 includes online training and downloadable materials

Ancient Egypt captures our imagination and draws us into a world of mystery and magic. A world that still exists today if only we know how to access it.

This intensive online course is recorded from live training that Andy presented in 2021. It is designed to introduce you to the Egyptian Mysteries and give you a real, practical and intense experience of connecting to the energy of ancient Egypt.

You will learn to create a sacred space dedicated to the Egyptian Gods, walk with the Gods in pathworkings and perform Egyptian rituals of healing, protection and divination.

Upon completion of the training, all students will receive a Certificate of Completion as a "Wab" Priest/Priestess of the Egyptian Mysteries.

Why attend this training?

What will I learn?

1. Explain the benefits and rewards of practising ancient Egyptian Magic
2. Describe and explain magic and religion in ancient Egypt
3. Understand the Egyptian Gods and their qualities and characters
4. Perform pathworkings to connect with the Gods and build relationships with them
5. Build your own Egyptian Magical altar/temple for meditation and ritual
6. Perform simple rituals to invoke the Gods and Goddesses for protection, creativity, manifestation and healing
7. Learn simple divination techniques calling upon the assistance of Anubis, the Walker Between The Worlds.
8. Understand the modern-day path of an Egyptian Priest/Priestess and decide if that might be for you

Andy Cooper

This is a unique opportunity to study with an experienced Third Degree Initiate of the Western Mystery Tradition.

In addition to being an initiate of the Western Mysteries, Andy is an initiate of the Hawaiian Huna Tradition, a Reiki Master and certified a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Andy holds a Ph.D. in Esoteric Studies and has nearly 30-years of practical occult experience.

Andy co-wrote and presented with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki "Within the Temple of Anubis", "Within the Temples of the Black & White Isis" and an initiates-only "Advanced Egyptian Magic" workshop.

Course curriculum

Comprehensive Introduction to the Egyptian Mysteries

    1. Welcome to the Course!

    2. Your Trainer - Andy Cooper

    3. The Programme for the Next 8 Weeks

    4. Webinar Recording Part 1: Introduction & Overview of Ancient Egypt

    5. Webinar Recording Part 2: The Ancient Egyptian Religion

    6. Webinar Recording Part 3: The Ancient Egyptian Pantheon

    7. Week 1: Slide Presentation

    8. Download Week 1 Slides & Pathworking

    9. Pathworking to the Temple of Sais (Guided Meditation Download)

    10. Optional Self Study & Downloads

    11. Summary

    1. Welcome Back!

    2. Video Recording Part 1: Thoughtforms, Visualisation & Magic

    3. Video Recording Part 2: Creating A Thoughtform of Anubis

    4. Video Recording Part 3: Daily Practice & Creating A Sacred Space

    5. Video Recording Part 4: Q&A

    6. Week 2 Slide Presentation

    7. Download Week 2 Slides & Pathworking

    8. Pathworking to the Chapel of Anubis

    9. Hekau Hekau Anubis (Chant)

    10. Hail Anubis (Chant)

    11. Images of the Gods of Egypt

    12. List for Week 3: Creating Your Own Altar

    13. Summary

    1. Welcome Back!

    2. Video Recording Part 1: Sacred Spaces & Ritual

    3. Video Recording Part 2: Deconstructing the "Calling of Anubis" Ritual

    4. Video Recording Part 3: The Calling. of Anubis Ritual Demonstration

    5. Week 3 Slide Presentation

    6. Download Week 3 Materials

    7. Practical Ritual Kit List: The Calling of Anubis

    8. Ritual: The Calling of Anubis

    9. Summary

    1. Welcome Back!

    2. Week 4 Video Recording Part 1: Introduction & The Purpose of Pathworking

    3. Week 4 Video Recording Part 2: Explaining the Isis Healing Ritual

    4. Week 4 Video Recording Part 3: Isis Healing Ritual

    5. Week 4 Slide Presentation

    6. What you need for this week

    7. Isis Healing Ritual & Pathworking

    8. Pathworking To The Temple of isis

    9. Isis Healing Ritual

    10. Return Pathworking from the Temple of Isis

    1. Welcome Back

    2. Week 5 Video

    3. Week 5 Slide Presentation

    4. Sekhmet Ritual of Protection

    5. Altar Setup for Sekhmet Ritual

    6. Download the Tarot Cards for the Ritual

    7. Sekhmet Protection Ritual

    1. Welcome Back!

    2. What is Divination?

    3. Webinar Recording Part 1: Divination

    4. Webinar Recording Part 2: Scrying with the Moon Bowl

    5. Webinar Recording Part 3: Divination Ritual

    6. Week 6 Slide Presentation

    7. Download Week 6 Materials

    8. Divination Ritual Preparation

    9. Week 6 Pathworking: The Moon Pool of Saïs

    10. The Moon Pool of Saïs Outward Pathworking

    11. The Moon Pool of Saïs Return Pathworking

    12. Egyptian Ritual of Divination

About this course

  • $111.00
  • 84 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content