The Helios Tarot Spells Collection

Change your life through the power of Tarot Magic

Welcome to this series of specially developed magical spells, utilising the power of the Tarot, through which you can harness the powers of the Unseen Realms to create real change in the physical world.

These spells are for when we encounter situations in our daily life that we just can’t fix! When the power of logic escapes us and we can’t seem to figure a way out. When this happens, it is time for something more than just thinking – it is time for “real” magic. It’s time to harness the unseen powers of your mind and of the Universe to deliver results that you won’t get any other way.

These spells utilise Hermetic Magic and the Tarot to create a powerful spells for dealing with a wide range of everyday situations that often have no simple solutions.

This collection of eight spells will continue to grow , and if you purchase access to these spells you will also have access to future spells as they are developed and added to the collection. These spells are included as part of the Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership Levels of Helios.