Personal coaching

A fully personalised programme, with a tailored content and individual one-to-one monthly coaching via Skype

Helios Gold Membership offers you a fully personalised learning experience. You will work directly with Andy Cooper, our Director of Studies with monthly personal coaching from him via Skype. He will undertake a detailed personal learning needs analysis with you, and together you will co-create a fully tailored programme of learning from the library of content that comprises our First Degree Programme. This level of membership is for those students wishing to follow a spiritual "fast track" and who have usually completed a significant amount of personal and spiritual development training before coming to Helios. Gold Level Membership is by application only and acceptance is not guaranteed.

Helios Gold Membership Includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your membership along with your personal Skype coaching from the Director of Studies.

Pricing options

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